Advertising Policy

Advertisers and contributors through Patreon have no influence on WeedWeek's editorial content or on the content of articles WeedWeek writers publish in other publications. In an effort to replicate the separation of business and editorial operations practiced at reputable news organizations, a WeedWeek salesperson will be responsible for all sales-related contact with advertisers and will work, as much as possible, without input from publisher and editor Alex Halperin. Aside from Halperin, editorial staff are not included in business discussions and all advertising queries sent to editorial staff are referred to a salesperson. All ads and other forms of paid content in WeedWeek are clearly distinguishable as such. WeedWeek staffers do not solicit business from sources and Halperin does not sell advertising. WeedWeek reserves the right to reject ads if they present a conflict of interest, the appearance of a conflict of interest or for any other reason.”

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