Eaze Makes Huge CBD Deal

S.F.-based delivery app Eaze launched an online CBD market called Eaze Wellness, moving into a market which could be worth as much as $22 billion. (MJBiz)

  • Expanding from California, Eaze Wellness will be open to residents of 41 states.
  • The cannabis research firm Brightfield Group predicts that the CBD market will grow 700% percent by 2020.
  • Purchases will be shipped via a third party provider and arrive in four-to six business days.

Sherbinski415 Instagram

Legendary Bay Area breeder Sherbinski tiptoed into the custom sneaker market by dropping bespoke, Nikes. The shoes are the first Nikesco-created with a cannabis figure. The Sherbinskis made a lot of noise amongst sneakerheads.

  • Sherbinski--credited with developing the Gelato strain--is name-checked in music ranging from John Mayer to Lil Uzi Vert and Young Dolph. (He of last year's Gelato mixtape.)
  • The breeder says subtlety has been critical to building his brand's popularity. "We don’t bring pounds of weed to the studio. We’ll come by and give an ounce—this is a me-to-you gift," he said.

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From Sacramento, Ngaio Belum has some tips on flying with weed.

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MJ Biz Con, the Post-Mortem

MJ Biz Con was fascinating and portenteous. Just ask MJ Business Daily. Nearly 30,000 vendors, prospective investors, and business owners from more than 70 countries filled the Las Vegas Convention Center.

  • Founding Marijuana Business Editor Daily Chris Walsh said he can for the first time see an end to federal prohibition on the horizon. "There will be a big crack in the marijuana legalization dam in the U.S., ” Walsh said.
  • Premium Produce CEO Priscilla Vilchis advocated for more inclusion of women and minorities in the marijuana business. "You have all these big pharma companies looking to get into this new 'green rush,'" she said, "They're bringing in their own rules, so it's imperative we stick together." (ABC- Local)

Quick Hits

Los Angeles is among the thousands of US cities calling for cannabis to be federally rescheduled.(Marijuana Moment)

Bloom Farms pledged to source half its weed from female farmers. (High Times)


In California, most marijuana farming licenses go to farms one acre of marijuana or less. So, why is the season's dominant conversation whether or not small cannabis can survive corporate weed? At The Conversation, Concordia University (Chicago) law professor Ryan Stoa argues that a local and artisnal marijuana model can co-exist with Big Pot.

  • In his new book Craft Weed, Stoa maintains that connoisseur culture, bolstered by the volume of strains in development, functions as a bulwark against corporate forces.
  • At the same time, companies have begun to gobble up patents on new strains.
  • If federal restrictions are lifted, Stoa says, premium chains will be in position to dominate retail.

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California's 'Readopted Emergency Regulations' & You

The Bureau of Cannabis Control last week closed public comment on proposed modifications of its cannabis business regulations. Section 5032 contains some of the most striking language. Chief among the changes:

  • The amount of cannabis drivers can deliver would be reduced, which could force retailers to wait longer for deliveries.
  • Marijuana Business Daily asks whether these rules signal the end of contract manufacturing.

A Victory for Home Growers

A Superior Court Judge rebuffed the Inland Empire City of Fontana's efforts to create a "dry town" by striking down parts of its 2017 law restricting home grows. (Leafly)

  • The judge declared the City of Fontana's mandatory house inspections and exorbitant fees unlawful.
  • The permits, which were not allowed for residents who owed Fontana money, mandated that residents allow a city employee inspect their home. Applicants also had to pay for criminal background checks, costing cost up to $70, plus $25 for a state records review.
  • Fontana tried to charge home growers an annual fee of $253, after a $411 initial fee.
  • No Fontana resident had applied to grown cannabis in their home.

Quick Hit

While Mexico's new government has taken a progressive stance on cannabis, its pre-World War II drug policies were surprisingly humane, Filter writes.


Two Killed in Illegal L.A. Dispensary

Two men were shot and killed early Monday in the waiting room of an illegal dispensary in L.A.'s Koreatown. Details on the Veterans Day killing remain thin, but police did reveal on Tuesday that one of the dead is David Corrall, Jr., 36, of South Pasadena.

Police suspect the deaths are the result of a botched robbery attempt.

Los Angeles is experiencing a spike in illegal dispensaries that has left the city with 10 times the number of unlicensed operations as legal ones.

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