Mr. Green Goes to Washington

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Cannabis Wire published a three-part series on how the industry is learning how to lobby.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), who's replacing Rep. Pete Sessions as chair of the House Rules Committee, said he would allow the chamber to discuss cannabis bills, which Sessions refused to do. (Boston Globe)

Still not Golden

California pot taxes climbed in the third quarter but still fell short of expectations (L.A.Times)

Quick Hits

Illinois could legalize REC legislatively by the end of the year. (Chicago Tribune)

Oregon regulators appear to be cracking down on violations (Canna Law Blog)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the final farm bill will legalize industrial hemp. (The Hill)

A state senator filed two big cannabis reform bills in Texas (Cannabis Now)

Many Chinese-Canadians are concerned about legalization. (Hill Times)


Acreage Sued

Multistate operator Acreage Holdings is a defendant in a $400M lawsuit, which accuses it of not honoring the plaintiff's ownership stake in a New York State MED venture. (MJBiz)

Eaze CB-Does it

Bay area delivery app Eaze launched Eaze Wellness, an online marketplace which will sell CBD products to 41 states. (MJBiz)

Party Bus Blues

Denver's My 420 Tours faces a legal showdown with the city over whether the company's limo-busses are private spaces -- where consumption is allowed -- or public spaces. (CBS- local)

“It’s not open to the public. We don’t drive around like the RTD picking people up off the street and selling tickets to anyone that would like. While these people are consuming, they are in the back of a $300,000 private for-hire limo bus.” My 420 Tours' Danny Schaefer.

Green Thumb Goes Digging

Illinois-based Green Thumb Industries said it would acquire Las Vegas dispensary Essence for $290M. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

  • It was the largest cannabis deal in Nevada to date.

Short Up North

The government-run Ontario Cannabis Store said its backlog has been cleared. (City News)

Quick Hits

Publicly-traded Brink's signed a deal to provide security services for Canadian producer Canopy Growth. (BNN Bloomberg)

MJBizCon, the cannabis world's largest conference, drew 25,000 to Las Vegas, far more than last year's event (Review Journal).

CommonWealth magazine (Massachusetts) says Big Marijuana is already here. Meanwhile, long-delayed Massachusetts REC sales are expected to begin this week. (WBUR)

N.Y.Times looks at the hot category of cannabis-infused drinks.

California company Bloom Farms said half its suppliers would be female owned or operated by the end of 2020. (Press release)

Israeli company Together bought a German company to begin MED exports to Germany (Globes)

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Health & Science

Feds Curious About MED

The Federal Government is looking to fund research into lesser known cannabinoids. (Marijuana Moment)

Quick Hits

Less experience around cannabis, and greater religiosity appeared to contribute to why women do not view legalization as favorably as men. (Marijuana Moment)

Juul and its competitors will face strict new limits on e-cigarettes in "kid-appealing" flavors, but avoided a total ban. (Wired)

L.A. County is asking the public if it minds the smell of marijuana. (L.A. Times)

The N.Y. Times looks at Canadian efforts to curtail youth use.

Criminal Justice

A sentencing and prison reform bill could reach President Trump by the end of the year. (N.Y.Times)

  • But Trump allies Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are potentially in the way.

Richard Kirk, a Colorado man who consumed edibles and then fatally shot his wife, blamed the edibles for his actions. "I believe 100% that can trigger a psychosis in someone that is otherwise completely mentally healthy," he said. (PBS)

  • Kirk is serving a 30-year prison sentence.

The Atlantic has the story of a narcotics cop who's daughter's death from a heroin overdose forced him to rethink the war on drugs.

Azlan Baharudin

Malaysia is rethinking its strict drug laws, and could be the first country in Asia to legalize MED.

  • The country recently abolished the death penalty, after a MED dealer was sentenced to die. He now faces decades in prison. (BBC)

The trial of Mexican drug lord "El Chapo" is underway in New York.

US Customs is stopping way more Canadian weed from entering the US. (NBC--Buffalo, N.Y.)

Ozy revisits the 1930's Reefer Madness propaganda campaign which led to the beginning of marijuana prohibition in 1937.

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The L.A. Times reads six cannabis cookbooks.

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