Licensees' Long-Looming
Lurch Is No More

Summer won't turn folks outlaw. Let the healing begin.

On Thursday the State Senate passed a bill that would fix the expiring licenses quandry that would have brought 7,000 or so licensees to the brink of illicit activity.

  • Last month more than 1,000 licenses expired. Four thousand more will be done by April's end.

Senator David McClure (D-Healdsburg) sponsored the temporary license extension, which passed 32-4 and is expected to easily pass the Assembly.
October is the state's new kick-down-the-road target for issuing permanent licenses.
North Bay Business Journal / Associated Press

  • The AP reports that the Bureau of Cannabis Control has sent letters to businesses with expiring licenses, warning them to cease business “immediately,”
  • The Senator called his legislation a short-term measure that would “avoid an impending crisis." Without the bill, McGuire said, the recent licensees would "drop into the black market literally overnight,” McGuire said. “Nobody wants that.”

TheStreet/Grizzle /Seeking Alpha

Meanwhile Cresco Labs picked up distributor Origin House in a $1.1 billion all-stock deal. The latter’s CEO Marc Lustig said the Canadian company bought his company because it wanted Origin House’s access to sophisticated California consumers.
TheStreet/Grizzle / Seeking Alpha

  • One Origin House board member reportedly won't be voting in favor of the deal because he doesn't feel the valuation is high enough. But Lustig said the sale has remarkable long-term value. "I look at it as the future, I’m the biggest shareholder of Origin House, and the largest wealth-creator I’m going to have is being a part of Cresco.”
  • MedMen may be the only player in North America with clout comparable to the new company. Its new Seaside location is remarkable in part because it has one of just six retail licenses in Seaside, one of the few places in Monterrey County with retail.


Photo by Svetlana Manic

On Tuesday Sonoma County’ Supervisors voted to put a temporary ban on hemp growing in unincorporated areas. The same day Humboldt County banned growing hemp. The slow establishment of state hemp regulations has put growers and municipalities in a bind.
SFGate/Eureka Times Standard

  • The state begins registering hemp farmers on on the 14th. According to the Sonoma Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, counties that do not impose moratoriums would be forced to accept these farms and state rules regardless of local concerns.”
  • We have been dogged by gray areas that can be interpreted by people who do not want to come into compliance, who just want to skirt around the edges,” said Humboldt County 2nd District Supervisor Estelle Fennell.


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Cannabis Equity, Awesome
on Paper, Grapples with
Rough Realities in LA

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

As the sturdy old adage goes, all politics are local. That means, if they're talking about addressing the needs of communities overpoliced? And that conversation is stretching across the country and up the Presidential politics level? This conversation about recompense for victims of The War on Drugs just has to be about the birthing struggles of Los Angeles's social equity program, too.

As the City of L.A.'s cannabis regulator enters its critical Phase 3 of licensing, it has no funding for business and technical assistance, as mandated by the city. The department ha has posted the position of Social Equity Manager. Once the gig is filled, we'll finally see whether the world's largest Mary Jane market can pull itself together for its close-up, and try to catch up with Sacramento.
Marijuana Moment

Governor Gavin Newsom (D) wants the federal government to pay for some of his war on illicit marijuana, asking that the Pentagon help cover costs for 150 soldiers and airmen from the National Guard. There’s been no response to his letter sent on February 11.

  • Last month Newsom said he would, “boost the National Guard’s statewide Counterdrug Task Force by redeploying up north to go after illegal cannabis farms, many of which are run by cartels.” He said the grows are “devastating our pristine forests, and are increasingly becoming fire hazards themselves.”
  • The state’s more-aggressive approach to dealing with grows is happening in concert with the new urban strategies for cutting off illegal sales.
  • "The black market hasn't been curtailed, but it's probably been accelerated," said Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskyous County.
  1. A bill in Nevada will make certain that every owner of a cannabis company can be publicly identified.
    Las Vegas Review-Journal
  2. The Code for America algorithm used to instantly expunge pot records in San Francisco has been picked up by Los Angeles and San Joaquin Counties. Marijuana Moment


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No Longer Guessing, Weed
Cafe Entrepreneurs
Get New Laws

Pot cafes and lounges might be opening up sooner than expected, thanks to a new set of rules being pushed through the state Assembly. May every forthcoming California lounge be as beautiful as the forthcoming Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe.

  • Assembly BIll 1465, which is in committee and was amended last week, allows customers to legally ingest marijuana at designated lounges and cafes. Should the bill make it out of the house and senate, cities with existing lounge laws would be permitted to make their own specific consumption lounge regulations and allow licenses for the sale and use of marijuana.
  • West Hollywood’s Community and Legislative Affairs Manager John Leonard admitted that the rollout could be more streamlined. "[This bill] will make things easier," he said. "When you have local and state regulations that are conflicting it can be hard."
    Assembly Bill 1465 Consumption lounges and cafes may become a new CA norm sooner than we thought. AB 1465 would create another license available for licensed retailers.


  1. WeedWeek podcast guest @thecannabiscutie broke down the unpredictable reality of 2019 CBD for her Instagram followers.
  1. Here is a sample of Ngaio Bealum’s Weedier and Sexier, which drops next week.

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