Older Users Lead
Normalization Surge

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After decades away from weed -- if they ever used at all -- North America's elders have begun leading the way in the mainstreaming of marijuana.

Consider the seniors of Orange County. If these new old consumers seem belated in their embrace, don't be mad at 'em; their abstinence was punishment enough.
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  • With legal barriers falling, aging baby boomers, and their elders, are treating pain and insomnia, among other maladies, with cannabis. If the treatment has a side effect of being fun, they're willing to withstand that.
  • Tom Brokaw gave his peers the a-okay when the 79-year-old TV journalist acknowledged this week that he's using the drug in his fight against cancer.
    NY Post
  • A 76-year-old retiree from Orange County described one shopping trip for cannabis products as, "like the ultimate senior experience." "Like," because the ultimate senior experience would be having a public place to consume cannabis.

What Can Be Done About
the Way CBD Tastes?

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

Amyris uses synthetic biology to make face creams and a zero-calory sugar substitute. Now the Silicon Valley company is jumping into the billion-dollar CBD industry, because some consumers think CBD tastes like urine or dish soap.

  • In a $300M deal, Amyris will manufacture and distribute CBD compounds through a startup called Lavvan. The purchasing company WHICH ONE? will contribute their "flavor solution" with its zero-calorie sweetener.
  • Though valued at roughly a billion dollars, the industry could grow to $16 billion over the next six years, according to Wall Street analysts.

Solar Powered, New Canndescent Site Breaks Energy Mode

In Desert Hot Springs, Canndescent has begun powering its indoor production facility strictly through solar power, becoming the cannabis industry’s first to do so at commercial-scale.

  • Canndescent has established "a template of stability" in its strategy for delivering renewable onsite energy. The system uses 734 solar modules -- located on seven separate carport structures -- to power production.
  • Traditionally, marijuana growers have had three options: Indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. Canndescent's project brings one more. Cheekily named "greendoor," the process combines water and energy efficiency with pesticide-free cultivation.
  • The company invested $3.75M in the project.


  1. 'Tis the season for destroying stereotypes. One Ventura County town has demonstrated an ability to raise real estate values through the presence of a booming, responsible marijana industry.
  2. As if Canada weren't having enough unexpected Hollywood-related success, Seth Rogen is taking his Houseplant brand back home.
    CITY NEWS 1130
  1. MedMen's challenges remain a hot media topic. Prohbitionist Alex Berenson's perspective holds that, "behind the gloss, MedMen's finances are dismal."

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LA Public Smoking Ban
Expanded to Include Vaping

Photo by Steven Pahel on Unsplash

All REC'd up and no place to smoke. L.A. took a step toward becoming that on Tuesday. The county. Legalization might be demystifying pot in the political, medical, and social realms, but on county property out of sight is where even vape consumers have to be.

  • Los Angeles County expanded its Smoke-Free ordinance to include, “inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted, heated or ignited cigar, cigarette, cigarillo, pipe, hookah, electronic smoking device, or plant products, or using any other method or device that delivers nicotine, cannabis, or other like substances to a person.”
  • Off limits are public beaches and their parking areas, public elevators, aboard buses and at bus stops, in museums and libraries, hospitals, parks and their parking lots, within 40 feet of food trucks, or within 25 feet of outdoor bars and restaurants, all county parking facilities, eating areas, and -- attention golf vapers -- all driving ranges and county golf courses.
  • Research on vaping is inconclusive regarding its second-hand impacts.

Social Equity Making
Moves in San Jose

Photo by Jack Gisel on Unsplash

The San Jose City Council passed an equity assistance program. Details are not yet in place, but its broad parameters call for San Jose to help residents with marijuana convictions or who are low-income secure dispensary licenses, job training and technical assistance.

  • In order to access the $10M in funds made recent available to municipal equity programs through the state, San Jose had to an ordinance in place by Monday.
  • The city, which has 16 dispensaries and no plans for expansion, expects to see its General Fund grow $13.5 million in marijuana-related revenue over the fiscal year.
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The Native tribes of California -- sovereign nations, all -- can do on their land whatever they want with marijuana, except compete in the state's REC market. Now, some the state's 109 tribes are seeking to do just that, and the result is a fight between Cali and the tribes over marijuana control.

  • Self-governance is a fundamental tenant of sovereign nation status.
  • In San Diego County, the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel recently opened a dispensary inside what used to be a casino that failed five years ago. The tribe grows grass there now Presently, it can only sell through its own dispensary and other Santa Ysabel operations.
  • “Everybody moves cautiously in this space, said David Vialpando, Santa Ysabel's Cannabis Regulatory Agency Director. "But the expectation is that there will be other tribes in the area that will take advantage of the need that is out there.”


  1. Calling to mind the epic chicanery in and around Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo's municipal leaders are alleged to have granted dispensaries to political cronies.
  2. Mariposa County has ruled that the California Gold Mining Company, which is getting into hemp, will not have to file for a re-zone permit, and now the foothill county is onboard for production to begin. Propigating high-CBD hemp oil is one way of beating the mines' longtime dry spell.

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Berner Wraps Relationship with Wells Fargo, Claims Anti-Pot Bias

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Weed-famous MC Berner is done banking with Wells Fargo. Loudly insisting that the millions he had kept with the bank were separate from his marijuana earnings, the Taylor Gang member last weekend made the separation public in an Instagram post.

  • Posted Berner: "I’m so sick of being discriminated against ! I paid $2.8M in taxes last year ! I bank all my marijuana money with weird credit unions ! California open your eyes !"
  • The allegation against Wells Fargo is that the company held Berner's cannabis commerce against him. The rapper said his bank of nearly two decades refused him the loan necessary to open his L.A. clothing company, then provided shifting explanations for the denial. Wells Fargo, he said, "lacked the balls" to give him concrete reasons for denying the loan.


  1. Consuming alone can teach you a lot about yourself, but will it reveal that you're losing your mind?

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