Editor Note

Introducing WeedWeek Council

WeedWeek is looking for a select group of leaders and industry professionals to form WeedWeek Council, a new way for us to deliver the latest thinking from the most plugged in people in cannabis.What is it and how do I join?In partnership with the market research firm SoapBoxSample, WeedWeek is assembling a group of individuals representing a wide swath of geography and expertise. Two or more times a month, council members will receive a short (five minutes or less) survey on a topic in the news. WeedWeek editors will read the responses and share key insights in our newsletters.Council members are selected through a competitive process and will enjoy perks. For starters:

  1. Access to the raw WW Council survey data.
  2. An exclusive monthly “consumer pulse” data snapshot from SoapBoxSample.
  3. Council members will be recognized on the WeedWeek web site, if they choose.
  4. Council members will receive an ambassador seal to include on your web site, social and printed materials identifying them as a thought leader.

We will always respect council members’ privacy. Responses will be default anonymous with the option to submit quotes on the record for publication. Successful applicants will be notified on a rolling basis.

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