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Apple Bans Vape Apps, Amid Fallout

Apple banned vaping-related apps and removed 181 from the App Store. They included hardware companion and store apps.

  • Those who already have the apps can continue using them.
  • Vaporizer company PAX released a new feature on its app allowing users to see the test results from their Juul-like PAX THC pods. (The app now appears to be banned from the App store.)

Apple's move comes amid a flood of confusing news, as officials try to determine how, or whether, to further regulate vapes.


Layoffs, Dismal Earnings as Slump Deepens

Photo by Andre Tan on Unsplash
Not a friendly bear

MedMen and (WeedWeek advertiser) Flow Kana became the two latest prominent California brands to lay off staff.

Canada's major players reported earnings this week and Canopy Growth revealed a big loss on the quarter. It's stock fell as much as 17%. 🍁WW Canada has more.

At Forbes, commentator Mike Adams goes so far as to discuss reasons why legalization seems to be failing. "It’s hard to argue that marijuana legalization is working," he writes. "It should be, but the scene is just too convoluted."

But at New Cannabis Ventures, analyst Alan Brochstein sees some reasons for optimism.

Quick Hit

  1. Colorado-based dispensary chain Terrapin Care Station announced a $15/hour minimum wage for all employees.

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What's Next on Banking?

Since the House passed the SAFE Banking Act in September, all eyes have been on Senate Banking Committee Chair Mike Crapo (R-Id.). He seems to get the rationale for allowing the industry to access banks, but as Matt Laslo reports at Wikileaf, Crapo might want to tackle issues such as product safety and money laundering as well, which would likely slow the bill's passage through the Senate.

  • Impeaching Trump could also delay a banking bill in the Senate.
  • Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) predicted a banking bill would pass the Senate, though he noted many conservative states "just aren't ready yet" on decriminalization, let alone legalization.

Quick Hit

  1. Pot policy came up at the U.S. Supreme Court during arguments in an immigration case.
    Marijuana Moment


Study: Teen Problem Use Up in Legal States

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

An NYU study found problematic teen pot use rose 25%, from 2.18% to 2.72%, in states with legal shops.
Business Insider

  • It noted a slightly smaller uptick among adult users.
  • The study's lead author said it was not an argument against legalization.

Related: The Boston Globe looks at the uptick in cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. "It's honestly hell," says cannabis P.R. Pro Alice Moon, who stopped consuming cannabis after vomiting for 16 days straight.

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Land of Lincoln Readies For REC

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

With less than two months before REC goes on sale, major players Cresco Labs and PharmaCann secured some of the most desireable REC dispensary locations in downtown Chicago.
Chicago Sun-Times

  • Locations in the city's north and west sides got snapped up long before any on the less affluent South Side.

The Illinois legislature passed a bill to smooth the upcoming REC rollout. It included a ban on lawmakers or their immediate families from owning a stake in a cannabis company for two years after leaving office.
Capitol News Illinois

Quick Hit

  1. With REC going on sale December 1, 79% of Michigan cities, including Detroit, have banned cannabis businesses.
    Detroit Metro Times

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China ❤️️'s Hemp

Photo by Sam Beasley on Unsplash

China, where the cannabis plant originated, remains adamantly opposed to REC legalization, and trafficking can carry the death penalty. But the country is bullish on hemp, the WSJ reports:

The heart of these efforts is in Yunnan in southwestern China, the first province to make it legal to farm cannabis on an industrial scale. Here, farmers have planted vast plots of hemp that tower above their heads and stretch for miles. In the fall, those leaves and flowers are hand-harvested, sun-dried and turned into CBD powders and oils for export.

Meanwhile stateside, at Medium, there's an interesting piece about the lengths farmers go to to ensure their hemp crop is below 0.3% THC. Crops that fail the test are considered "hot" and have to be destroyed at the grower's expense.


Nevada Licensing Process "Adequate"

Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash

As Nevada faces several lawsuits related to the fairness of its application process, a state audit concluded the process was imperfect but "adequate, and conditional licenses were granted to more qualified applicants."
Las Vegas Review Journal

  • The audit found there was also room for improvement.

Other regional news...


High Times Has Seen Better Times

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash
So have they all

Beleaguered media brand High Times will cut back its print edition from monthly to quarterly as it searches for a cash infusion.

  • Despite its financial straights, HT recently named the 50 most influential women in cannabis, and celebrated them at the Beverly Wilshire hotel.
  • A disabled woman filed a judgement claim after she says High Times it failed to pay a settlement they reached over an injury she suffered at a High Times event. High Times did not respond to a request for comment. 🌴WW California has more.


Is Kratom Next?

A bill to legalize kratom could be introduced in Colorado's 2020 legislative session. Some users believe the plant, which is native to Southeast Asia, relieves their pain and helps them kick opioids. But it faces questions about its own safety and addictive potential.

  • Kratom is banned in several jurisdictions, including Denver, but Kratom Consumer Protection Acts have passed in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Utah.
  • The laws are designed to help consumers avoid adulterated products.

In more other drug news, more U.S. seniors are getting curious about ayahuasca.
N.Y. Times

Quick Hit

  1. Thailand is moving towards a progressive MED policy.


Latest Sign Weed is Mainstream...

Game show Family Feud asked contestants where grandma hides her pot.

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