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Industry Waits to Exhale as Vape Backlash Looms

Getty Images

Goodness! Did you know that a person can purchase knockoff products for vaporizing... marijuana? Who knew?

Actually, we learned this week that a lot of people find the counterfeit device market's existence to be news.
Associated Press

  • In case you need more dissection of the horrible possibilities, consider the CBD cartridges that won't get sold.
  • Also, we need a new name for vaping. It had too many problematic sonic connotations in the first fucking place.

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  1. A Humboldt County family struggles along with atypical beauty and poetry fashion in a new docuseries produced by Flow Kana.The Great Outdoor" is a significant step forward for normalization.


If You've Done Weed Time,
Beto Has a Plan for That

Getty Images

On a WeedWeek ReCharge panel with Aster Farms' Julia Jacobson, cannabis equity pioneer Amber Senter raised a few eyebrows in telling the West Hollywood audience that Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke came to a Oakland meeting on equity with a bold post-legalization plan.
ABC News

  • On Wednesday at Oakland's Blunts + Moore, the city's first equity dispensary, the Texas Democrat proposed directing federal tax revenue towards "drug war justice grants" for those who have done time for non-violent marijuana offenders. Specifically, O'Rourke wants to see those so harmed by the War on Drugs to receive grants of about $1,200 for each month imprisoned.
  • O'Rourke, who has been outspoken against the War on Drugs for a decade, also proposed services for re-entering the workforce and other benefits.

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Maxine Waters in the Thrilling Conclusion of:
House Banking Bill

Since July's Senate hearings on the difficulties in cannabis banking (above) there has been a sense of momentum, if not quite an air of inevitability about the SAFE Banking Act's progress through Congressional committees.

That changed this week, when the ACLU and other activist groups made a late push for a delay so more comprehensive reform might be addressed.

Then, Congresswoman Maxine Waters pushed the banking bill forward, and now the historic vote is set to go on Tuesday.
Marijuana Moment

  • The ACLU and Center for American Progress, released a letter on Tuesday saying they were worried that passing the banking bill would undermine broader reform efforts. More comprehensive legislation has been stuck in the judiciary committee.

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Because L.A. County Cannabis Rules Aren't Complex Enough

Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash

Just to catch you up: Pasadena is a city inside of the County of Los Angeles. Because of state law, Pasadena's laws superede that of the county. And that means the “People’s Initiative to Preserve the Existing Operation of Non-Offending Commercial Cannabis Businesses” will appear on the Pasadena ballot in March.
Pasadena Weekly

  • The initiative would legalize unlicensed, illegal Pasadena canabis dispensaries, as long as no convictions are associated with the enterprise.
  • If passed, the initiative would nullify an ordinance from last year which bars cannabusiness to operate within 600 feet of schools, parks, residential areas and churches. The iniative also calls for removing the cap on pot operations the city — pop. 143,000 — which is presently six.


Nevada Has Throwback
Taint on its Hands

Photo by Ndispensable on Unsplash

Come with me to the thrilling days of yesteryear. Twenty-eighteen, when any pot panic worth its weight in dog shit was related to flower.

Is that enough, nostalgia buffs? Consider what's happening in the testing proud state of Nevada, which is in the midst of a tainted flower brouhaha.
Las Vegas Review Journal

  • The state's cannabis oversight body, the Department of Taxation, put out a health notice on Monday, stating that batches of bud from four Las Vegas dispensaries were found to have fungus, bacteria, and high levels of yeast and mold. It's the department's second such announcement in a month.
  • Having passed their first tests, the samples failed microbial tests that showed high levels of yeast and mold and the presence of aspergillus, a fungus, as well as coliforms and "bile-tolerant, gram-negative" bacteria.
  • The bud was sold in flower form between July 10 and the 28th of last month.


Aster Farms Takes on
Sustainable Weed

At ReCharge on Friday, Julia Jacobson CEO of Aster Farms discussed the glories of growinf cannabis in "the live, native soil" of Lake County. In a report published on Wednesday, Jacobson drilled down harder on taking out barriers to sustainability, and serving as an example in doing so.
Rolling Stone

  • Aster Farms weed is pesticide free and hand picked.
  • “There’s definitely a myth that outdoor cannabis is not as potent or as good as indoor cannabis,” Jacobson said, addressing a mildly-obscure stigma. “The only reason people grow indoors is because of prohibition — they had to physically hide the cannabis. But cannabis is not meant to be grown inside.”
  • After being caught up in the massive Mendocino Complex fire, Aster launched a give-back program, a package of pre-rolled joints called Harry’s Harvest (named for the cat the farm lost in the fires), which donates $2 from every sale to the local volunteer firefighters who helped combat the blaze.

Quick Hit

  1. Ballot initiatives have done a lot for pot. Not everyone, however, is fully sold on them as an approach to policy


WeedMaps Is Totally Gonna Delete those Illicit Companies... in a Sec

Getty Images

Just when it seemed California legal weed had reached peak annoyance with Weedmaps for its insistence on working with unlicensed pot shops, the vape panic hit. It's cool though; they have a plan to remove unlicensed shops.

California has given the company until year's end to get all unlicensed operators off of the app.
High Times/MJ Business Daily

  • The company's app will soon include a new user interface that will highlight license information. Also on deck are plans to develop online education resources. “While these policy changes will only have a symbolic impact on the size of California’s unlicensed market without more licensing opportunities and other large listing platforms following suit, we want to continue to lead by example,” said CEO Chris Beals.
  • The company says it will also support companies pursuing equity licenses.
  • “At this point, there hasn’t been any additional conversation about fines,” BCC spokesman Alex Traverso said when asked about the agency’s approach to Weedmaps. He added that “all options are on the table,”if the company misses its year-end deadline.


Growers: Do Not Let
Thine Cup Runneth Over

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

With utter disregard for Tulane University athletics, Humboldt County Sheriff's introduced The Green Wave, "a yearly enforcement effort including California Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service, CalCannibis, and the California Water Resource Control Board."

The Green Wave's aim is to address environmental impacts caused by cannabis growth. Below are key points of their press release about a licensed Humboldt County operator who grew pot on a neighboring lot.
Redheaded Blackbelt

  • Zeb Giacomini, 42, was located on site tending the grow. He had a "permitted cultivation operation on his property (next door), but appeared to have expanded his operation onto the neighboring property."
  • Numerous stream violations, stream pollution and illegal grading issues were found on the site. A search of Giacomini's property revealed 1442 outdoor plants, 50 pounds of processed bud, five rifles (two modified), and a couple of handguns. The grower was taken into custody and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. The Green Wave booked Giacomini on felony cultivation charges.


At the Job Fair, Emphasize
Your Pot Experience

The Employment Development Department is making it a priority get workers into the cannabis industry. Hundreds turned up on Thursday for the State of California's first-ever cannabis job fair

  • Area employers were seeking to hire, sometimes in volume. Thomas Biorn, a manager with EDD, said at the Sacramento event that people are needed “[a]nywhere from hydroponics to security, transportation." But areas such as compliance were represented as well.


Focus on Getting
High and Eating

Photo by Whitney Wright on Unsplash

Did you know that the William Morris/Endeavor Agency is representing a cannabis chef? That's how normalized cooking with cannabis has come to be. It's moved past trendy.

The first restaurant where one can buy a meal and some weed to accompany it opens on October 1 in West Hollywood. Will things ever be the same?

  • Lowell chef Andrea Drummer also appeared at Friday's ReCharge event in West Hollywood. Drummer's live sharing of her remarkable journey to Lowell Cafe will be part of an upcoming podcast episode.
  • “For us, this is the real end of prohibition,” says David Elias, CEO of the Hacienda, Lowell 's parent company. There will be no alcohol served.

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