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Market's Up, Jury's Still Out in Humboldt County

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

It's a seller's market, growers are getting paid, and the supply chain is its least wonky in the short history of REC legalization. Add to these developments news of Humboldt County now owning the most cultivation licenses of any California county, and our current subtotal is a community finally seeing daylight.
MJ Business Daily/Lost Coast Journal

  • Demand for product has been on the rise since May.
  • Now that the majority of temporary licenses issued have been made into provisional and annual licenses, Humboldt County has more cultivation licenses, independent licensed farms, and cultivates more area, with greater (licensed) production capacity than any other county. 
  • Fewer illegal grows dot the county, too.
  • And yet, "I don’t think anyone is calling this a win and that we’ve made it through," says Terra Carver of the Humboldt Alliance.

Quick Hit

  1. Mexico’s legalization bill has progressive economic policies, guaranteeing that the Southern Californa movement toward vertical integration won’t be headed south.
    MJ Business Daily
  1. UCLA's Cannabis Research Initiative is "[l]ooking for motivated postdocs."


Cheap Vapes = Dirty Oil
in Many Illicit Shops

Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

A Leafly investigation into illicit market vapes advances the the Occam's Razor theory into what's driven the vape scare; 'twas the bootleg that maimed the beast (of an industry pet).

One Dank Vapes cartridge tested at 5,475 times the legal limit for the mosquito pesticide chlorfenapyr. The VAPI — vaping-associated pulmonary injury — mass poisoning has made almost 1,400 ill and killed approximately 33.

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Corruption Murmurs
Ruining Sactown's Rep

Sacramento's Mary Jane reputation has been that of egalitarian and quasi-homegrown business, controlled by non-profit collectives.

Sactown was never such an idyll, as anyone who's smoked cheap swag in South Sac will tell you. And yet, few in River City would have bet on a future where power and money are so consolidated and the likes of Guiliani henchmen lurk around an imagined pot bounty.
Sacramanto Bee

Quick Hit

  1. The prospective business owners who brought suit against Nevada dispensary regulators have a trial date in March of next year and a deadline to open their businesses three months before then.


A Quarter Fewer People
Now Work @ Pax

Getty Images

San Francisco-based vaporizer company Pax laid off 65 people, approximately 25% of its workforce, on Monday. The announcement comes one week after WeedMaps made proportionally similar cutbacks, and in the midst of growing concerns over vaping.
MJ Business Daily

  • The layoffs come after April's fundraise of $420M and last month's firing of CEO Bharat Vasan.


Sacramento Gives UCSD
$3M to Study CBD

Getty Images

The state will give UC San Diego $3M for the study of CBD. UCSD’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis has long looked into how CBD may benefit children with severe autism. Ganjapreneur

  • Five research projects will be funded. They'll look into how CBD impacts psychosis, alcohol dependence, rheumatoid arthritis, anorexia nervosa, and insomnia.
  • Since 2000 UCSD has been studying medical benefits of the plant. In 2007 a report said that smoked cannabis helped treat neuropathic pain and 2012 clinical center study found smoked cannabis reduced multiple sclerosis symptoms.

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Inside a Suburban
Growhouse Fire

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

A Fremont couple thought they were renting their home out to a man who called himself Vincent Ho. He met them carrying an infant in his arms. Last month the house went up in flames and Vincent Ho went on the run.

  • Police found a tangle of electrical wiring. The grow op overloaded circuits in the home; the wires caught fire.
  • The now-disappeared former tenant changed the house dramatically, erecting phony walls to block windows and water irrigation systems. Holes had been smashed into walls and ceilings, for ventilation. An illegal gas line had been hooked up. The operation also caused water damage and mold.
  • "When I saw the extent of the damage, such disregard to somebody else's property, it was shocking," said one of the home's owners.


Revolt Summit Comes
to LA, Brings Weed

Sean Combs' first Revolt Los Angeles summit is underway this weekend. Among illustrious show-biz names like Issa Rae, Lizzo, and Ava DuVernay is a guest whose presence stands out, and not just because he's a guy who plays ball.
Hot New Hip Hop

  • Viola Brands owner and former NBA starter Al Harrington is convening a panel called: "Smoke and Mirrors," in which ways of breaking into the industry are to be discussed. Of course, Harrington will be doing that with Snoop Dogg.

Quick Hit

  1. As the owner of a North Sacramento-based delivery service, Jarard Johnson offers a perspective on the absence of black-owned brick-and-mortar dispenaries in his city.
    Sacramento Bee


Can We See What's Sick Inside Our Plants?

"When plants cannot get the nutrients they need, they do not function properly," writes legendary grower Ed Rosenthal in this excerpt from his new book Marijuana Garden Saver.
High Times

  • Too many nutrients can bring on "nutrient burn" or toxicity. It can also lock out other ingredients. "Unless the damage is slight, individual leaves do not recover from nutrient deficiencies. Some nutrients are mobile and are translocated from older to new growth, so the damage is seen in older leaves, not in new growth."


Eaze Brings Concierge Service to Santa Monica

Getty Images

Raising the stakes for how hotels might take care of us, Santa Monica's Fairmount Miramar now offers delivery service from Eaze. The cannabis tourism company Recreational Embassy is Eaze's partner in this "safe, legal and thoughtful approach to meet the needs of the modern luxury hotel customer."

  • Among the features offered are concierge service, designed to serve "as a resource for guests' questions and support[s] a positive cannabis experience." The conceirge will share specific cannabis benefits as well as suggest available, innovative products.

Quick Hit

  1. A dispensary is opening in Farmersville. If that sounds like no big news to this poor little town, then the WeedWeek podcast interview with Mayor Gregorio Gomez must have eluded you.
    ABC 30


Seth & Snoop's Word to Amateurs: Consider
this a Warning

Getty Images

In case you aren't a cannabis user and have been looking for someone just famous enough to be worthy of your trust, here are the high and mighty's with advice for first-time users:

If you meet them and want to smoke, don't be a hero.
Marijuana Moment

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