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Why Has Mexico
Delayed Legalization? 

Photo by 1983 (steal my _ _ art) on Unsplash

Mexico's legalization journey took an unexpected turn Monday when a top Senator said that an anticipated vote on the drug would not happen by month's end. Mexico's Supreme Court may step in with a version of cannabis legalization that would remove restrictions from home grows while prohibiting commercial cannabis.
Market Realist

  • The Court could issue a "declaration of unconstitutionality" while the Senate continues discussing the document, which had been "finalized" on October 18. The Court's deadline was October 23.
  • The bill builds on the Oakland cannabis equity model to empower disenfranchised communities. The Senate's proposed law presently makes vertical integration illegal. The draft also said foreign ownership of commercial and research licenses can't be more than 20% of the licensee capital structure.
  • The Senate’s Political Coordination Board President, Ricardo Monreal, said it will “shield” legislators from external influence.


Harborside Board Shows CEO the Door

Getty Images

Monday saw the ouster of the Oakland-based company's CEO, Andrew Berman,
who guided the mega-dispensary through last year's unfortunately-timed reverse merger with Lineage Grow.

  • A sign of the turbulence cannabis companies are experiencing, the move comes in the wake of the deal between PharmaCann and MedMen being cancelled, and layoffs by Weedmaps, Hexo (in Canada) and Pax.
  • In its official statement, Harborside said, "Given the changing and challenging market conditions, the board believes a new and broader leadership team is necessary to accelerate the growth of the company." Chairman Peter Bilodeau will serve as interim CEO.

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Access Snafu Brings L.A. Licensing to a Halt

Two people gained early access to the first-come, first-served third phase of Los Angeles licensing system. This unsettled the City Council enough to call for a suspension of licensing.

L.A. Council President Herb Wesson argued to Department of Cannabis Regulation Executive Cat Packer that the system designed for social equity has been "compromised."
Los Angeles Times

  • As well as shutting down licensing, Wesson has insisted upon refunds for the latest round of cannabis applicants, as well as an independent audit of the process, “unless there are other options like processing every application.”
  • The city has granted approval to more than 300 cannabis suppliers and retailers. Four million residents, 50 million visitors. Yet, as few as 15 retail stores are set to open by the year's start. How can anyone be mystified that the cheaper, more convenient illicit market thrives?
  • Cat Packer's own words on the run-up to "everything we've been waiting for."

Quick Hit 

  • Dispensary robberies are up in LA. Is this because legalization has made reporting an easier option? And are the robberies part of a statewide trend?

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The View from Home
on 60 Minutes' Coverage

Getty Images

On Sunday the venerable CBS news magazine 60 Minutes took a shot at explaining the complexities in the general market. But how do the talked-about of the Emerald Triangle regard 60 Minutes' coverage? On Thursday, one Mendocino County media outlook took a shot at giving context
Anderson Valley Advertiser 

  • In a recap article called "The Sheriff is a Realist" — which begins a few entries down, beneath the solar panels Facebook post — Fred Gardner observes, "The 60 Minutes perspective is unabashedly that of the ganjapreneurs who could afford to get licensed." Yet, it's Sheriff Tom Allman who most popped, as his American cop bretheren must have choked upon seeing local law enforcement not arresting unlicensed growers . "But others would have appreciated him for extending the boundaries of acceptable attitudes for people in their line of work."
  • And Gardner ends his coverage where? Why it's with another Allman nugget" "Who would've thought that when we write a search warrant and we go out and serve it we would bring a biologist with us? Now it's as important to us as bringing a gun. Sunday night network TV viewers weren't likely to see that coming.

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That Burning Field of Semi-Hemp Outside of Bako

Getty Images

A crop of cannabis in Kern County — a hotbed of anti-THC fanaticism — was destroyed this week, allegedly for testing too high in the chemical.

Kern county has 7,000 registered acres of hemp and is one of the state's leading producers.
Bakersfield Californian

  • Reports are that law enforcement destroyed some fields that were under contract by a local hemp researcher who had failed to register some local acreage. Two dozen samples tested higher than the .03 legal limit, with some as high as seven percent.
  • County sherriffs wouldn't comment on reports that they had destroyed a crop near Arvin, but said they have an active investigation of hemp in the area.


Pete Takes a Peek
at Nevada Cannabis

It's easy to forget that all of the declared candidates for U.S. President are dispensary newbies. (Let's get past the funny fictions about Kamala having been inside dispensaries, to bust folks.)

But (recently dropped out candidate) Beto's aura says he's been around a blunt or two, and in Oakland he impressed with his knowledge and vision. And that set the bar high for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigeig, who fully knows he looks the part of a cannabis dispensary nube. On Wednesday he went to one in Vegas and got schooled.

  • A sure sign that every serious candidate in their party most go into primary season with a coherent and sellable position on pot — Massachusetts, get ready for your Warren tour — the midwestern politician and military vet spent 90 minutes at GFive Cultivation and Top Notch THC Dispensary
  • “I think people have a certain imagery of dispensaries and the marijuana industry that dates back to outdated stereotypes,” Buttigieg said.

Quick Hit

  1. Assuming you already know that full flower cannabutter and concentrated extract are the two ways of getting cannabis into an edible, you're probably ready to get serious about your cannabis dosing.


Wait, Cali's About to Get
Thousands of Stores?!?

Photo by Andre Guerra on Unsplash

A new report from BDS Analytics and ArcView Market Research” says, "There will shortly be thousands of retail stores in California."
Sacramento Bee

  • Titled "From Dispensaries to Superstores: Opportunities in U.S. Cannabis Retail, the report goes on to say that in spite of current difficulties, "In the next five years, that amount could increase by $4.7 billion."
  • Also of note: The report found California to have the lowest ratio of retail licenses to potential bud consumers, with a retail store for every 34,256 of-age adults.


A Man Kept 13
San Diego Homes for Growing

Photo by Debbie D. on Unsplash

On Wednesday, police arrested a San Diego man for growing weed in Temecula, Murrieta, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Rowland Heights, and Hacienda Heights homes.
Associated Press

  • Chiaming Tim Hsu was arrested the Rowland Heights house he leased and was charged with conspiracy to cultivate cannabis illegally, among other crimes. It's unclear whether he has a lawyer.
  • Authorities arrested nine people they say worked for Chiaming and seized nearly 19,000 plants.


The Uncelebrated Weed Activist of Calaveras County


Acknowledging organizers such as Bob Bowerman reminds that cannabis has a mostly hidden history, one that did not begin in 2018. Or 2015. Or even 1996. Not all heroes live in cannabis hot spots.

  • Two years ago, Bowerman was at the heart of establishing a legalization framework in a county less than hospitable to REC.
  • He fought against Calaveras County Supervisors' anti-cannabis campaigns that were “reefer madness to the max, OK?” Bowerman said.


On Shamanism and Ayhuasca as Ancient Medicine

On Friday the San Francisco Psychedelic Society will screen the non-fiction film The Medicine Documentary about Amazonian shamanism. In addition "reveal[ing] the hidden mysteries of one of nature’s most powerful and controversial healing remedies- Ayahuasca," The Medicine Documentary also introduces teacher Taita Juanito Guerillmo Chindoy.
Psychedelic Society SF

  • The film also features former pro football player Kerry Rhodes and actress AnnaLynne McCord's maiden ayahuasca journeys.
  • Tickets are available on a $10-20 sliding scale  Supporter tickets (with preferred seating) are available. Limited scholarship tickets available.

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